IBM System 360

Computing Science

Computational science and software engineering themes discussed

Free audio signal generator that works in a web browser on a computer or smartphone.

Calculating Pi to high precision in a web browser.

The harmonic analysis of continuous waveforms.

Ways to program the STM32F103 Blue Pill Module.

A matchbox sized UNIX™ computer.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Designs and construction plans for various electrical and electronic related projects

Easy to build electronic construction project for receiving FM broadcasts on vintage AM radios.

Easy to build ESR meter for testing the health of electrolytic capacitors.

Reuse a 800VA microwave oven transformer for a power electronics project.

Design for a practical working optical spectrum analyser.

A novel use of the LM3915 integrated circuit to indicate both instantaneous and peak power.

Light emitting diodes

Natural Science

Topics involving natural phenomena based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation

Global population counter displays the number of people that live on our planet.

Science fiction QR-code quotes to inspire your day.

This study discusses some of the stressors that can be found in any typical modern workplace where the use of computer systems is widespread.

Helps you win the next Lotto jackpot.

Discovering why leaves change from green in late summer to deep red in autumn.